Our service

Our service

A poorly thought out supply chain network leads to inefficiencies and lost profits. These losses are often hidden. But they have a long-term impact on the overall supply chain performance. Finding the best design is challenging. Countless combinations are possible while specific customer need to be met.


In search for the optimal supply chain configuration, MOOV models product flows such as goods, resources or services through a spatial network of activities - while keeping track of key design parameters such as quantity, quality, location, planning and costs.


MooV combines linear programming and advanced analytics to diverse strategic and tactical supply chain questions. It is a smart merger of in-house developed python scripts combined with professional software packages such as GUROBI Optimizer, ESRI ArcGis and Tableau.


Unique features

  • Insight in impact of critical decisions

  • Clear comparison between configurations

  • Flexible integration of customer needs

  • Configurable dashboard analytics

  • No software or implementation costs

  • Configurable dashboard analytics

  • Integrated geo-data analytics with optimization modelling


Economic performance

Resource efficiency

Flow rate & throughput

Investment risks

Supply chain failure

Environmental impact