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MooV finds the best supply chain configuration meeting your business ambitions

Reducing costs   -   Increasing efficiencies   -   Supporting critical decisions

Can your supply chain do better?

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  • Our independent optimisation service for your supply chain design

  • Finding the optimal solution for your supply chain configuration

  • Combining a skilled team with inhouse developed analytics

  • Meeting your specific requirements and needs

  • We suggest - you decide

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"Your work, approach and knowledge were highly appreciated within the UMICORE organization. A good example of R&D where the results are effectively converted into practical solutions and new projects."

Lies Eykens - Project Manager Umicore

"With a 40% cost cut, MooV underpinned the strategic relevance of building hubs in supply chains."

Michael Deca - Project Manager VIL

MooV finds the optimal supply chain network for your business

  • Are your storage facilities and distribution centers optimally located?
  • What capacity should they have?
  • Should you open new production facilities and/or close old ones?
  • Could operations be merged into a single site?
  • How do you combine different transport modes most efficiently?
  • What is the effect of new legislation on transport, environment, ... ?
  • What if product demand changes?

An astronomical number of combinations of relevant decision parameters is possible

MooV finds the optimal one - reducing costs and increasing efficiency

MooV offers flexibility - tuning our service to your needs - able to quickly adapt and react to changing business conditions

Starting a new supply chain from scratch? Looking to increase the performance of an existing one? Going through a critical supply chain transformation? Our experts provide the decisions support you need without any trouble of software license or training costs. A comprehensive online dashboard shows decision impacts comparing all relevant scenarios compared side-by-side.

Moov includes all key decision parameters

cost benefits

Cost benefits

Scenario comparisons, trade-offs and sensitivities

logistics and transport

Logistics and transport

Location, multi modality, hubs, peak and off peak travel

storage icon

Storage and processing

Product flows, capacities, locations, process step costs

quality icon


Grades and standards, products specifications, process steps

Time icon

Time effects

Variations in time of supply and demand

MooV for all business sectors

MooV is generically applicable to many business sectors - as all need efficient supply chains

  • Logistics & Transport
  • Chemical & Pharma
  • Construction & Building
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Governmental authorities & services
  • Food & Feed

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